How it works?

Sprowtt supports your capital raise in an incredibly easy way with a Ready to Invest button on your website " Sprowtt provides the back office to support your documentation and processing of the Investors Investment Transaction in your company . Sprowtt makes the process simple and easy to understand to establish all your offering and related document in easy to use Software over complaint Platform. Sprowtt interface supports both the companies and the investors with easy to understand steps to establish your offering and you will be ready to easily and quickly accept new investors online.

The process flow

The steps below represent an example of the preparation of the document sequencing required to use Sprowtt effectively and in compliance.

Prepare For Your Offering

  • Company Formation Documents
  • Prepare Offering Documents
  • Concept Development
  • Team Building
  • Growth Strategy
  • Business Plan / Summary
  • Current Financials
  • Financial Projections
  • Capital Engineering
  • Capitalization Table
  • Pitch Deck & Videos

Review And Revise

  • Upload State Incorporation documents
  • File all State and SEC related securities fillings
  • Final Investor document review by Attorney
  • Tombstone ads prepared and reviewed
  • Presentation practice and review
  • Setup Stock Transfer Agent
  • Setup Escrow Agent
  • Other Application Documents such as Provisional Patents

Going Live

  • Upload all Multimedia video are related files
  • Upload Investor documents to Sprowtt
  • Testing of “Invest Now” button
  • Announcements and public tombstone ads
  • Invite Investors in to Presentation
  • Live video conference with Investors on Sprowtt
  • Investors Q & A via Sprowtt

Closing The Deal

  • Investor Net worth 3rd party verification
  • Offering documents digitally signed by Investor
  • Investor Funds Transferred To Escrow
  • Escrow Holding Period Complete
  • Close Escrow distribution of Investors funds to company
  • Transfer Stock to Investor


  • Conduct on going Investor Relations vis Sprowtt
  • Prepare for next offering using Sprowtt
  • Maintain Investor contact information
  • Back up activity data via Sprowtt
  • Financial Reporting to Investors via Sprowtt Live
  • Periodic Investor reports via Sprowtt Live

List of documents

Documents required for effective use of Sprowtt .com

Private Placement document or Regulation A offering *

Stock Purchase Agreement

Article of Incorporation

Investor Updates documents

Patent and Trademark documents

Overview/Due Diligence documents

Product/Service Opportunity description

Management Team

Video Transcription

Terms Sheet

Use of Proceeds

Income Statement *

Balance Sheet *

Cash Flow Statement *

Footnotes *

Audit may br Required *

Other Transactions

Material Terms of Indebtedness

Disqualification Events

Investor Updates Documents

Executed Escrow Agreement *

Executed Stock Transfer Agreement

After years of experience and development Sprowtt provides one the most compressive online capital solutions in the fintech Industry. Any capital ready company is welcome to use Sprowtt for its Securities offering.

Sprowtt has established full co-branding program and integration for vertical capital formation markets such as:

  • Broker Dealers
  • Law Firms
  • Registered FINRA & State Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Angel Investors Platforms and Private Equity Firms
  • Supports all types of securities offerings and gives you the tools to keep your Securities offering in full compliance of the rules.
  • If you are conducting multiple offerings, Contact Sprowtt for information on Co-Branding.


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As a former SEC branch chief and litigator currently in the private practice of securities law, I am impressed by Sprowtt’s proprietary, over-compliant, platform which makes offerings safer to conduct and safer to invest in. I am also impressed by Sprowtt's regulatory compliance mindset and its attitude of investor protection and avoidance of shortcuts.
Russell C. Weigel, InvestmentAttorneys Coral Gables, Florida
Having practiced securities law for over 30 years, I recommend Sprowtt to our firm’s clients for both private placement and crowdfunding offerings based on the system’s automated and superior compliance features. Our firm recommends Sprowtt for the compliance advantages it gives to both issuer and investor, and for the tracking and traceability it provides.
Ronald Vance, Attorneys at Law Higley & Associates, P.C.
Investors invest startups for their intellectual property teams or productlines. Companies need to protect themselves from IP pirates. Sprowtt enables the company to track who is receipt of its ideas and plans. Sprowtt creates a record of sharring information. I recommend Sprowtt for all its Platform features and its ability to notify investors. A company should protect its IP prior to making it public.
Brian C. KunzlerFounder of Kunzler Law Group