Sprowtt does not give legal advice as it relates to your company or offer. We are not attorneys.

Qualify and Validate each potential Investor before allowing access. Check the accreditation and location of each Investor prior to allowing access to your business documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You choose which documents you would like to share with potential investors, venture groups, or Donors. The Sprowtt system supports up to 5 different categories of documents and videos or related multimedia. How much can I customize Sprowtt to meet my needs? You can customize your Sprowtt site with your own brand and logo. The potential investors will not even know your site is powered by Sprowtt.For a full customizing of a Sprowtt reseller site, or a for white label application, please submit your inquiry directly to mjones@sprowtt.com.

Why not? Sprowtt is NOT a finder or Broker Dealer. It’s illegal without a Broker dealer license and could jeopardize your company offering through illegal introductions to investors. We suggest that you only invite people you know and have done business with in the past to review your material on the Sprowtt system.
That depends on your ability to tell your company’s story and your ability to drive traffic to your website. Many sites claim to provide investors and or donors we do not.
We believe that most people will invest or donate because of their relationship with you.
No! Sprowtt does not pass an opinion as to the soundness of any investment offer or donation request. Sprowtt will not knowingly allow a scam or allow criminal activity on its servers and fully cooperates with Federal and State authorities related to such activity on the Sprowtt system. The Sprowtt team believes in legal over-compliance.
Through your own company website and the link Sprowtt provides to you to as part of the initial sign up process. The Sprowtt provided link is placed on your website by you as a part of your investor relations information. This website link allows you to build your campaigns to attract exclusive investors or donors allowing you to control access by establishing your own rules to the confidential or sensitive information. This applies to donation based information as well.
It’s simple. After you sign up and purchase a level of service that matches your company’s needs, you will receive an initial email with all the setup instructions. This email will instruct you to place the embedded link on your company’s website. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask your web developer, or the Sprowtt staff can place the link for you. We suggest that you use an investor relations button to link to the Sprowtt system.
Sprowtt intends to offers landing pages for a reasonable fee at a later date which will include the embedded link already on the landing page. Sprowtt will also provide your company with a full turnkey 6 page web site for a very affordable price.
Please contact Sprowtt for any of these additional services you may need at mjones@sprowtt.com.
Sprowtt only charges for the use of its software or web services through a subscription offer. Sprowtt never takes a commission of the offering or donations you collect. We are not an intermediary . Sprowtt does not establish escrow services. If you require an escrow service, Sprowtt may refer you to one. The Sprowtt services start at a low flat fee of $59.00 a month. There are no hidden charges! Sprowtt does offer promotional discounts periodically that may further decrease the price.
Yes, Sprowtt can help through its network of professionals through the Sprowtt resource center and its alliance partners. We will soon be offering live events to help aid in with capital formation and or donation based causes. Contact Sprowtt through the resource center or mjones@sprowtt.com indicting the additional services you may be interested in receiving, and we will be sure to forward your request to an alliance partner.
The Sprowtt system supports all types of securities offerings including private offerings such as Regulation D 504, 506b & 506c, and Regulation A & A+ and S1 public offerings.
The Sprowtt system does support crowdfunding donation based campaigns. We do NOT support crowdfunding for equity. As of June 1, 2015 it’s still NOT legal and we do not foresee it to be legal for several months. Doing a crowd funding offering for equity could result in a civil or criminal penalty until such time the SEC has deemed it legal to do such an offering. Sprowtt may support crowdfunding for equity in the future when it becomes legal.
Raising capital takes time and it may depend on the amount you are trying to raise. Sprowtt is the on ramp to capital formation! You may achieve funding quicker through Sprowtt then traditional methods because of its interactive multimedia tools and tracking features of potentially interested investors or donors. The Sprowtt process is less timing consuming and is a 24 hour road show, so you can leverage your time while communicating the same constant message to many potential investors at the same time. The Sprowtt Solution makes it easier and less challenging to raise a capital!


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As a former SEC branch chief and litigator currently in the private practice of securities law, I am impressed by Sprowtt’s proprietary, over-compliant, platform which makes offerings safer to conduct and safer to invest in. I am also impressed by Sprowtt's regulatory compliance mindset and its attitude of investor protection and avoidance of shortcuts.
Russell C. Weigel, InvestmentAttorneys Coral Gables, Florida
Having practiced securities law for over 30 years, I recommend Sprowtt to our firm’s clients for both private placement and crowdfunding offerings based on the system’s automated and superior compliance features. Our firm recommends Sprowtt for the compliance advantages it gives to both issuer and investor, and for the tracking and traceability it provides.
Ronald Vance, Attorneys at Law Higley & Associates, P.C.
Investors invest startups for their intellectual property teams or productlines. Companies need to protect themselves from IP pirates. Sprowtt enables the company to track who is receipt of its ideas and plans. Sprowtt creates a record of sharring information. I recommend Sprowtt for all its Platform features and its ability to notify investors. A company should protect its IP prior to making it public.
Brian C. KunzlerFounder of Kunzler Law Group