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This software Solution is provided on a monthly recurring billing basis to the end user i.e. the company each end user is responsible for complying to Federal & state securities under section 15 U.S.C. § 77q, also known as 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933, End users must comply with the laws in which the user intends to make any offers and should consult with a securities attorney before using the Sprowtt solution. Sprowtt reserves the right to suspend or discontinue end user account if so directed by Federal or State securities regulators. Sprowtt will return the unused portion of any paid subscription. The monthly fee based on selection of services to use the Sprowtt services the monthly fee is all inclusive there are no other fees or commissions to be paid between the customers or users of Sprowtt .You agree to allow to charge your credit card for the use of your Account every month in advance for fees that become due under this Agreement. In the event that is unable to withdraw the monthly fee from your Account, may terminate your use of all monthly fees are non-refundable. If you have signed up for Recurring Payments Services pursuant to a promotional period or discounted amount, you agree to pay the monthly fee as stated in this Agreement immediately upon the expiration of the promotional period or discounted amount offered by suspend or terminate your account please send an email to


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As a former SEC branch chief and litigator currently in the private practice of securities law, I am impressed by Sprowtt’s proprietary, over-compliant, platform which makes offerings safer to conduct and safer to invest in. I am also impressed by Sprowtt's regulatory compliance mindset and its attitude of investor protection and avoidance of shortcuts.
Russell C. Weigel, InvestmentAttorneys Coral Gables, Florida
Having practiced securities law for over 30 years, I recommend Sprowtt to our firm’s clients for both private placement and crowdfunding offerings based on the system’s automated and superior compliance features. Our firm recommends Sprowtt for the compliance advantages it gives to both issuer and investor, and for the tracking and traceability it provides.
Ronald Vance, Attorneys at Law Higley & Associates, P.C.
Investors invest startups for their intellectual property teams or productlines. Companies need to protect themselves from IP pirates. Sprowtt enables the company to track who is receipt of its ideas and plans. Sprowtt creates a record of sharring information. I recommend Sprowtt for all its Platform features and its ability to notify investors. A company should protect its IP prior to making it public.
Brian C. KunzlerFounder of Kunzler Law Group